I am a professional commercial photographer. At the moment, I take orders for interior, architecture, product and report photography. I photograph in Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region and the closest abroad.

I am a commercial photographer since 2012, but I take art and nature photos already for more than 10 years. Photography now is not only my job but also my main hobby.

I can add that my prices are quite low considering the high quality of my photos, my responsibility and honesty. Furthermore, I am interested in attracting new clients besides of keeping the regular ones. Therefore, I consider client whishes and never late. In a word, I consist of all the advantages of self-employer and have no disadvantages of any employee…

Well, I could even say that I’m almost the perfect commercial photographer but it’s already inconvenient for me to praise myself further. :)

Below on this page, you can see several examples of my work, so you can rate my professional level. If you want to see more, you can click on the appropriate menu item on the top of the page.