What do you think the most interesting thing in cities? Don’t read further, take your time to think about it, and choose your variant. No, just want to know my version? Alright.

I personally find that the most interesting thing in cities is their atmosphere. No, of course, I don’t mean the smog and thermal pollution. I talk about all the things that make a special, unrepeatable look of a city.

If you’ve ever been to any city but your hometown, you undoubtedly noticed this very thing that I mentioned above. (I am convinced that it’s quite difficult to notice this atmosphere in your hometown exactly because you’ve been living in it for years and you got what’s called “the blurred eye”.) It is made up of the unique architecture, the climate in this particular place, the landscape in and around the city, its infrastructure, and of course people. Howbeit, to my mind, the city is the landscape of human beings’ living space.

You can rarely find people on my cityscapes, more likely as blurred shadows. But their energy, their mental forces are part of the city’s atmosphere. Perhaps, one of the most important ones. And I want to share with you these looks of the cities from my point of view.