Black and white

Black and white photography, to my mind, is somewhat deceptive. I mean that it not infrequently happens such a thing as “image saving” by turning the color photo into monochrome one and, as a result, the quite moderate image becomes a great work. Opposite: photographers shoot any plot understanding in advance that it’ll be the black and white photo not often.

Moreover, I think that b&w is contradictory. There are her true fans who don’t recognizing the color one and think it’s just some kind of “consumer good” and, on the other hand, “only b&w is a real art”. There are no less people who don’t understand and don’t accept the black and white images…

As for me, I’m far from categorical evaluations. I love so much b&w (or monochrome) photos by Bruno Mercier, Nick Brandt and Gregory Colbert. At the same time, no less I appreciate and admire the color images by Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Steve McCurry.

Perhaps, I would compare photography with music. If color one is, for instance, progressive rock or symphonic music with all their richness and versatility of sound, b&w photography is minimalism with its accuracy and piercing sensuality…

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At the Doorstep of SkyНа пороге неба(2012)
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