Farewell To The Summer

Summer is really a small life. Especially in our latitudes which are not pampering us with sunlight and warm.

When the summer comes I always got my special feeling – some kind of mixture of opportunities fullness, freedom, the whole good mood car and the confidence that finally everything will be really okay. Of course it always stays just in the form of probabilities melting with each passing day closer to the autumn. And it means that my sense of summer is just an illusion. But I still can’t rid of it if I hadn’t grown up at all.

That’s why sadness gripping me with the autumn coming and it lasts throughout my life. And this photo series is my attempt to express my feelings to the summer which I think the best part of the year (actually, the second best part because the very best is the late spring as for me).

But I as all of us am always full of hopes and the best things expectation. I hope that nothing irreparable happens during cold months and the new Summer will come. In the meantime, we just like Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” heroes are going to say goodbye to the summer and preserve it’s best pieces to our memory in order to enjoy it like a good wine in the time of rains and snows.

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