Selected :)

When I was 13, or may be 14 years old, and opened book of poetry by Valery Bryusov or Alexander Blok, and saw the title “Selected”, I stared dreamily into the distance and thought that sometime even I probably would select my verses for such a book… :)

Did not happen. I didn’t work out well with poetry. I don’t mean that I didn’t write. I did, and not a little, and not only the individual verses but also the whole poems, and even invented my own special genre I called “stihoza” (in English I could tanslate it like “prosetry” – some kind of mixture of prose and poetry). But I still haven’t met any fan of my poetry. :)

But on the other hand, I realized my dream about something selected here on this web site! :) So I offer you to see my selected photographs:

P.S.: It’s better to see the photos on their maximum size. To do so, you just need to click on the photo and then press on the “fullscreen” button below (third from left). :)

The Head of the Dragon Голова дракона
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