My name is Denis Churin.

Me I was interested in photography while working as a seller-consultant in the photo equipment store in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in 2002. Naturally, nobody taught me photography theory or the laws of composition and of course I thought I don’t need it at all. “Talent is the main thing!” I told myself and was very surprised by losses in photo contests.

From 2003 till 2008 I almost didn’t take photos because of my participation in a rock band as a bass guitar player. But I still dreamed about my own camera. Fortunately, I bought my first one in Summer 2008. Of course, this camera was DSLR as well as I knew a lot about cameras as a former seller of it. But as it always happens, the wide photo equipment knowledge doesn’t guarantee that you will make masterpieces. As for me, I made mediocre images. Honestly, a great bunch of it was really awful with a very few not too bad photos and it was like a faint glow of light in the far end of the tunnel.

It happened that almost simultaneously I started doing commercial product photography for my employer (let’s call it additional duties) and it obviously improved my photography skills soon. Moreover, my leaving of the rock band in Spring 2009 granted me the time for creative photography.

Finally, at the end of Summer 2015, I was refused in a study permit in one of the foreign colleges (I wanted to study photography) and felt absolutely tired of my work as a boat equipment seller. In addition, I had some tiny achievements in creative photography at that moment. Furthermore, there was an acute feeling of sand of time leaking between my fingers into emptiness. Therefore, I decided to change not only my work but also my entire life: I left my job and became a self-employed photographer. At the moment, I’m still an interior and product commercial photographer. But fine-art and landscape photography take increasingly more of my time each day.

And that’s why this web site has two main sections: Art (where you can find my best photos and the latest photo series) and Portfolio (samples of my commercial works).

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my photographs (doesn’t matter commercial or fine-art), you can click here or just connect me.

Thank you for your time!

Participation in exhibitions and contests, awards, publications:
2020 – Finalist of the III World Eco Photo Contest by the Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers
2020 – Finalist of the “Water of Russia is the water of Victory” all-Russian photo contest
2020 – Participant in the “Art Geography of the Leningrad region” exhibition (St.Petersburg, Russia)
2020 – Finalist of the “RGB” international contest of visual arts by Moscow Government Culture Department
2019 – Finalist of the “Interior Design” photo contest by Viewbug international photo community
2018 – Winner of the “Show How Beautiful Is This World!” photo contest by “MIR” TV and Radio Company (Russia)
2018 – Winner of the “Best Of Houzz-2018” award in “Client Service” nomination
2017 – Winner of the “Best Of Houzz-2017” award in “Client Service” nomination
2016 – Finalist of the “Northern Beauty” photo contest by “National Geographic Russia” magazine and a participant of the “Northern Beauty” collective exhibition in the “Galereya” mall (St.Petersburg, Russia)
2013 – Joint winner of “10 years and 3 centuries of Russia and South Italy relationships” photo contest in “Art photography” nomination
2012 – Participant in the 2nd Photo Biennale “Contemporary photography” by The State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg, Russia). The photo is included in the museum’s collection and published in the Biennale catalog
2011 – Participant in the “Space” collective exhibition in the “StART Academy” gallery (St.Petersburg, Russia) with the participation of a photographer Rip Griffith (USA)
2010 – The portrait of a photographer Valery Degtyarev published together with the report of his creative evening (the report is by me too) in the newspaper “The Photos of Saint-Petersburg” (№1 (189) 2010)
2009 – Joint winner of the photo contest by Kodak and “The Consumer. Photo & Video Cameras” magazine
2005 – Participant in the collective exhibition in the “Vladimir Mayakovsky memorial library” (St.Petersburg, Russia)
2004 – Participant in the collective exhibition “Sky” in the “Nickolay Chernyshevsky memorial library” (St.Petersburg, Russia)