Wonders are around

Posted By on Feb 9, 2015


Elections, geopolitical interests, exchange rates, sanctions, stock market reports, expert assessments by political scientists, economic crisis… They said these concepts are describe the most important global processes. And when I yawn and ask “What about the nature, the stars, love, animal rescue and dawns?” they look at me like I am Ray Babbit… Damn, are you serious?!

Alright, it can be partly explained by habit. When you, for example, twice a day five days per week passes by Kazan Cathedral you soon stop noticing its beauty. As well as with the sky, trees and birds… Or may be not? It’ll be enough willpower to turn off the imposed usual rhythm, literally stop your moving and close your eyes, take a deep breath and then, calm and quietly look at this cathedral (or the sky) with pure gaze. This is an architecture (or nature) masterpiece, isn’t it?

Alright, not every one can do it (or just not every one wants to do it). And we get used to cathedrals, sky and wives (husbands). Then some stupid thoughts come to our heads and as a consequence appears such a proverb “There are no wonders”… Damn, are you serious?!

Dammit, stop and look around! Wonders are all around you! Constantly! Want for some instances? Alright.

Isn’t it a miracle that this amazing person who sleeps beside you every night and wakes up in the mornings and looks as sleepy as you are but in fact not cease to be such an amazing person with whom you have decided to live for the rest of your life… isn’t it a miracle that this person still loves and respects you? You who are always dissatisfied and have ceased to be treated with tenderness and care for her (him) and have focused only on yourself.

Aren’t trees wondrous? Every bending of every tiny branch and, in general, the way they are. The way they relieve their burning leaves in fall and pierce the sky with their young green shoots in spring.

You’ve got used to it, haven’t you?.. I don’t understand but okay. Then what about the stars, the planets and the Universe? Watch the famous “Pale blue dot: a vision of human future in Space” essay by astronomer and astrophysicist professor Carl Sagan. And then the second video called “Star size comparison”. It can help understand all the inanity and even the foolishness of concepts mentioned in the first two lines of this text as well as their meanings…

“Imagine there’s no Heaven.
It’s easy if you try.
And no Hell below us,
Above us only sky.
Imagine all the people
Living for today…”

Photo: “Willow The Weeping Girl” by Denis Churin (C)