Here’s the news finally! :)

Posted By on Nov 25, 2016

It’s been a long time without any news here! But there is a lot of it. Of course, not all of them are really interesting, 🙂 but they took a lot of time. Take moving to another city, for instance. It‘s such a sap for any spectator. But it takes so many time, effort and money from the participant!

Предметная фотосъемка для интернет-магазина и каталога в СПб и ЛО недорого

Nevertheless, I think more interesting fact is that I started my full-time work as a photographer in the “1000 and one slipper” company about a month ago. Moreover, it doesn’t mean I stop take orders for interior or any other photography. I became pickier – that’s true, but I still take interesting orders. Say, earlier, I would think about the order “20 quality edited interior photos took with the mobile studio light, the price for all work is $30”. 🙂 But now, the only wish I have concerning to such an order is to laughing out very loud and to write a couple of articles about how much and why the really professional interior photography does cost.

Интерьерная фотосъемка в Санкт-Петербурге и области

Unfortunately, I have no time for art photography now. I have materials and ideas both worth to spend time and effort, but I haven’t time so far. Yet, I think that’s normal in the time of life change. Besides, I remember what was written on the King Solomon’s ring: “This too shall pass”. 🙂

Фотограф Денис Чурин. Denis Churin photographer

But, to my mind, the most important from the latest news is my decision to change a bit the type of content. I will no more make the separate albums for any completed order. There will be just one general album with the best images from all of the orders. I think it’ll let the potential client to estimate my professional level and, at the same time, not to get tired of scrolling tens of images. 🙂

Интерьерная и архитектурная фотосъемка в Санкт-Петербурге и области

And here, in the blog, instead of the endless reports about what I shot and for whom (honestly, I doubt that’s really interesting for any person but me) I will write different interesting notes and articles (about why you should edit your digital photos, for example). So, as they say on TV: “Stay tuned!” 🙂