The series was photographed on the Qaravul Oba mountain top in Crimea, about 340 meters above sea level. I spent in the nearest settlement 9 days, and all the time, there was a spotless sky. The last evening, I decided to climb up the mountain top to photograph at sunset. I was sadly ready to bore clean sky again, but while my climbing, the clouds appeared and, at sunset, the sun fired them with amazing colors.

The main idea of this series is to transfer to a viewer my feelings about what I saw on that evening which is the best of all could be expressed by Mikhail Bulgakov’s words from his well-known novel “Master and Margherita”: “Gods, my gods! How sad the evening earth!” Honestly, I would like to add a bit to these words. To my mind, evening earth is not only sad but also beautiful. Beautifully sad, I would say!

There couldn’t be questions about why “beautifully”. As for “sad”… I feel sadness in moments like that because I understand that this is an unrepeatable instant that is leaking like water between my fingers and disappearing in the sands of time.

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