The worn-out heritage of the Soviet Union

Posted By on Jun 19, 2019

When I was a kid, our family every year went to the village by train. It was still at the end of the Soviet Union. I don’t know why but I always loved to go somewhere already then especially in the case of a railroad trip. I eagerly absorbed the impressions: railway terminal with its bustling, a platform with its locomotive smells, changing of landscapes behind the window, hot tea with a shortcake…

When we settled in our seats, I looked forward to the train moving off. I was overwhelmed with a sense of promising “unknown” − for some reason it seemed to me that something exciting and remarkable is ahead.

When a conductor brought a hot tea in a faceted glass with a tin or steel glass-holder it was a whole task: to drink a tea with pleasure but simultaneously don’t get burnt and don’t pour with boiling water sitting in a swaying wagon. I remember very well how I burned my palms by these glass-holders!

Recently, my mom showed me one such glass-holder. Not the new copy but the original Soviet one. And I got the idea to take a photograph of this item, moreover, it turned out a bit more interesting than the ones that came across to me in the trains. It has a volumetric drawing of the Kremlin.

Denis Churin photographer. Фотограф Денис Чурин

At the same time, I practiced once again in advanced product photography! 🙂

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